Within the app the patients are able to manage their appointments, manage their eye drops, smart checklists before and after surgery, neural text to speech engine, communication with their doctors/clinics. Beside that the doctor/clinic can create and manage their own space within the app. Appointments + medication can be pushed to the patients, to give them more comfort. During the development I also conducted various research stages, to test and improve features with existing patients. On top I also created an admin interface for the clinics, where they can manage all the content they provide to the patients. The app was successfully launched in September 2021. Based on the results and feedback of the app I also created a more interactive version for refractive patients. Refractive patients are younger and more interactive then the cataract patients, so the challenge was to find a creative and smart way to use the architecture of the cataract app and build/adapt it for the new target group with new features - like an assistant chat bot for various tasks.
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